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Monday 22nd, December




Flora Womens Mini-marathon 3rd of June 2013  



We've all had a son/daughter, niece, nephew that has had to take a trip to Temple Street in an emergency, we're sure you would love to do something for the hardworking staff there that do not get the credit they deserve... Little Ladies Pamper Parties have met some lovely children over the past year both healthy and sick but felt it was time to give something back!! 

Little Ladies Pamper Parties participated with a group of our friends and family in the Flora Mini Marathon on June 3rd 2013 to try to raise as much money as we possibly could for Temple Street Children's Hospital. We had an amazing girl, Megan Lynch, whom has attended Michael C ward in Temple Street for 15 years, join our group. She is an inspiration as she is a diabetic and currently plays soccer on the Ireland U17 team. She proves that you can lead a normal life as a diabetic. We raised and amazing €3,477.65 and it was all donated to Michael C Ward Temple Street.

 Tracy, Megan & Dee


                     Team LLPP                                                 At Temple Street




Abbey's Madhatter Tea Party 29th of September 2013

We had the pleasure of meeting Abbey Gray last May when we did her 5th
birthday party. Little did we know that this precious angel would have such an
effect on us... Not only is she a beautiful, soft, gentle & loving girl she
is also a very brave one too. 

Abbie has a very rare condition called Heterotaxy and to date she has had 3 open
heart surgeries, her first at 3 days her second at 10 months and her third only
last year at 5yrs old. Abbey has no spleen so cannot fight infections like
other children, also as part of her condition some of her internal organs are

She has done better than all doctors had predicted so far and her
family try to help her lead as much of a normal life as possible. Abbie attends
school & has lots of friends. She loves being outdoors & meeting new

After Abbey's last surgery her parents, Jacqui and Tony decided
it was time to give a little back to Crumlin Children's Hospital so they asked
Abbey what could they do and she came up with the idea of having a
tea party with cupcakes and Kodaline... Jacqui and Tony made it happen..
Abbey's Madhatter Tea Party… We were thrilled when they asked Little Ladies
Pamper Parties if we would donate our time to help on the day, it was so much
fun with a huge crowd there to support the day. It was a massive success with a
whooper €10,000 raised..                                                                                 



            Abbey Gray                          Tracy, Dee & Abbey